Selected Older Projects

Felix Ritter

Horiz Line

MeVisLab for Mac OS X – Medical Image Processing and Visualization


MeVisLab is a visual programming and rapid prototyping platform for image processing research and development with a focus on medical imaging and visualization. No programming knowledge is required to set up image processing and visualization pipelines. Complete applications including user interfaces can be effortlessly built within a common framework.

The Mac OS X edition builds on native OS X technologies to provide the best user experience. Still, MeVisLab networks and applications are fully compatible to all other MeVisLab platforms.


Real-Time Illustration of Vascular Structures


Understanding the branching pattern and topology of vascular structures is crucial for therapy planning and the actual surgery in order to prevent healthy organs or organ regions from being cut off from blood supply and drainage. An illustrative visualization that provides knowledge about the location, properties, spatial distances, and functional relationships of those vessels to other relevant anatomic structures has been a frequent request by surgeons.


Computer-supported Planning, Guidance and Assessment of Abdominal Radiofrequency Ablations (RFA)


Within recent years, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has become a serious alternative to surgical resection of small and medium-sized abdominal tumors. The assessment of treatment results is difficult but the key to establish guidelines and standards for the application of radiofrequency. It is the basis to compare different treatments. Thorough planning and guidance help minimizing the risk of under-ablation thus reducing the recurrency rate.

Being part of the VICORA research network, the project aims at developing a software assistant that supports the important steps in tumor ablation: Planning, Guidance, and Assessment.


Interactive Illustration of Information Spaces: Playful »Grasping« of Spatial and Functional Relations (PhD thesis)


In many areas, understanding complex phenomena involves comprehending spatial and functional correlations. The use of 3D-visualizations has become increasingly popular for this task. Despite their visual qualities, however, the presented images often do not contain the information expected by the observer. This discrepancy can mainly be attributed to an insufficient individual adaptation. Most observers would like to have more influence on the selection of contents and their presentation.

This work concentrates on the development of methods and techniques for the communication of spatial and functional relations by means of interactive 3D-graphics.



Der Andere Verlag

ISBN 3-89959-391-X

SGI Open Inventor for Mac OS X & MS-Windows


Open Inventor is an object-oriented 3D toolkit developed by Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) offering a comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming problems. It presents a programming model based on a 3D scene graph that simplifies graphics programming.

This implementation of Open Inventor is based on the original source code from SGI who released it to the public in year 2000. The code has been ported to the Mac OS X & MS-Windows platforms and is extended to better meet todays requirements.


FrameMaker Tools (Plug-ins for MS-Windows and SGI-IRIX)


Over the years, I've written some FrameMaker plug-ins that provide additional capabilities for working with FrameMaker books, graphics, and tables.


Architecture Presentation BUGA'99 Tower


In 1999, Magdeburg was organizing the Bundes Gartenschau, a nature and environmental exhibition. One highlight has been the BUGA tower. To present and to promote the idea of the tower at meetings beforehand, the BUGA GmbH had been in search for a fancy visualization. And that's what we did - a five minutes computer animation perfectly arranged with music.


Mining Simulation: Multipurpose Models for Large-Scale Systems (Internship report)


The project investigated multipurpose models for large-scale simulations and aimed to proof the feasibility by developing a large-scale animated simulation of an underground mine for the Kennecott Corporation, Utah, USA. With the help of this mine model, accidents and the effects of equipment breakdowns could be studied as well as possible approaches to increase the mine's output.


DESKTOP2 (still in use)


DESKTOP2 is a graphical user interface for DOS, which ones used to be a commercial shell like MS-Windows 3.0 or GEOS. Although quite an old project, it's still downloaded frequently.