Architecture Presentation BUGA'99-Tower

Felix Ritter


Horiz Line


In 1999, Magdeburg is organizing the Bundes Gartenschau, a nature and environmental exhibition. Large parts of Magdeburg's parks and recreation areas will be rebuilt in order to show how the modern community is able to combine industrial requirements with nature. One highlight will be the BUGA tower, a place where presentations can be given, a place to talk and a place to experience modern architecture. Made of wood, the 60 meters high conical tower offers enough space to accommodate several exhibitions and cafes.

To present and to promote the idea of the tower at meetings, the BUGA GmbH has been in search for a fancy visualization. And that's what we did - a five minutes computer animation made with Alias/wavefront PowerAnimator and Autodesk 3D Studio, which presents the tower from the outside as well as the show-rooms inside, perfectly arranged with music.


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