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Recent Changes

2006-04-10: New version of fmGraphicTools (1.3) available that adds two new graphic position commands: 'Paste Graphic Right Pos' and 'Paste Graphic Bottom Pos'. 'Paste Graphic X Pos' has been renamed to 'Paste Graphic Left Pos' and 'Paste Graphic Y Pos' has been renamed to 'Paste Graphic Top Pos'.


fmBookTools is a FrameMaker plug-in that provides additional capabilities for working with FrameMaker books. Capabilities include bookwide searching for text, character and paragraph tags, markers etc. as well as opening all files in a book iconified.

Click on the items below to reveal more information.

Search All Files in Book…
Open All Files in Book Iconified


fmGraphicTools is a FrameMaker plug-in that provides additional capabilities for working with FrameMaker graphic objects. Capabilities include various copy/paste and resizing operations. All operations can be undone.

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Select Parent Object
Select Next Object Below
Select Next Object Above
Trim Table Title
Copy Graphic Props
Paste Graphic Pos
Paste Graphic Left Pos
Paste Graphic Right Pos
Paste Graphic Top Pos
Paste Graphic Bottom Pos
Paste Graphic Size
Paste Graphic Width
Paste Graphic Height
Resize Graphic to Copied Width
Resize Graphic to Copied Height
Resize Graphic to Grid Height…
Make Figure Title Right
Add Frame To Graphic
Undo Operation

Download & Installation


To use one of the plug-ins, you must be using FrameMaker version 5.5.6 or higher. The plug-ins are currently only available for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows, or
  • Silicon Graphics IRIX

To install the plug-ins, perform the steps for the platform you are using.

Microsoft Windows

Perform the following steps to install fmBookTools or fmGraphicTools for Microsoft Windows:

  1. Download the plug-in distribution.
  2. Unpack the DLL into the \fminit\PlugIns directory that is located in the directory where FrameMaker is installed.
  3. Restart FrameMaker.
Silicon Graphics (SGI) IRIX

Perform the following steps to install fmBookTools or fmGraphicTools for SGI IRIX:

  1. Download the plug-in distribution.
  2. Decide where you want the plug-in to be located and unpack the files there (e.g. $HOME/fminit/bin). Remember this location. To unpack the distribution enter for instance:
  3. gunzip < fmBookTools-1.1.tar.gz | tar xf -

  4. Add an entry describing the plug-in to the $FMHOME/fminit/UILanguage/APIArea/apiclients file, where UILanguage is a user-interface language directory. For example, if you're using the US English version of a FrameMaker product, you edit the file $FMHOME/fminit/usenglish/APIArea/apiclients. The entry should look like the following:
  5. <APIclient
    <Name plug-in-name>
    <Directory installation-directory>
    <SharedLibrary plug-in-name.dl>
    <Description You may add a description here.>
    <Products Maker MakerSGML>

    Replace the installation-directory with the complete directory where the fmBookTools executable resides (e.g. $HOME/fminit/bin). This is the location you decided in step 1. Plug-in-name is the filename of the plug-in without extension, e.g. fmBookTools. To give an example, if you choose to place the fmBookTools plug-in into $HOME/fminit/bin, the entry would look like this:

    <Name fmBookTools>
    <Directory $HOME/fminit/bin>
    <SharedLibrary fmBookTools.dl>
    <Description FrameMaker book related tools.>
    <Products Maker MakerSGML>

  6. Restart FrameMaker.
Redistributing the plug-ins

fmBookTools and fmGraphicTools are shareware. You may redistribute the fmBookTools and fmGraphicTools packages with the following restrictions:

  • You may not alter the software.
  • You must distribute the entire package.
  • You may not charge a fee for redistributing fmBookTools or fmGraphicTools.



fmBookTools, fmGraphicTools, and its associated documentation are copyright © 2001–06 a w a k e  i d e a s by Felix Ritter. All rights reserved.


This software and documentation are provided as-is. Felix Ritter disclaims any warranty regarding this software and documentation, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Felix Ritter nor anyone else who has been involved with the creation, production, or delivery of this software and documentation shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including but not limited to any loss of anticipated profit or benefits, resulting from the use of this product.