Selected Current Projects

Felix Ritter

Horiz Line

User Experience Engineering for Interactive Medical Systems


By analyzing the requirements, understanding the context of use, and applying human-computer-interaction and user-centered design styles we provide clinicians with optimized tools for diagnosis and therapy support. Prototypical interactive products are tested and analyzed with regard to user performance and user acceptance.

Combining Mobile Devices and Medical Workstations for Diagnostic Reading of Medical Images


Mobile interaction with clinical data is becoming increasingly popular as mobile devices, such as smartphones or multi-touch tablets, evolve into personal information hubs. For diagnosis and viewing of image data, however, the available screen space of these devices is very limited. Image comparisons, such as current-prior comparison of patient images or the comparison of different MR sequences are not very meaningful if possible at all. A combination of mobile multi-touch devices and workstations enables a workstation-grade reading experience with mobile devices.


Touchless Interfaces for Accessing 3D-Planning Data in the Operating Room


Computer-aided planning of complex surgical interventions as it is available today enables the surgeon to simulate and to optimize a resection strategy beforehand. The direct access to this planning data in the operating room, however, is limited by the design of the planning systems for preoperative use. Interfaces for operating room interaction need to consider the specific requirements as to the cognitive load, workflow, sterility, and workspace of the surgeon.