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MeVisLab for Mac OS XLung application

The MeVisLab example networks provided in the Examples section on this page may be used freely by participants of the IEEE Visualization 2007 tutorial: “Introduction to Visual Medicine: Techniques, Applications, and Software”. The material is used to demonstrate “Visual Programming for Prototyping of Medical Imaging Applications” by Felix Ritter. All other materials may only be used with the proper reference:

© 1998–2007 Dirk Bartz, Klaus Mueller, Felix Ritter, Bernhard Preim, and Karel Zuiderveld
Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery, Stony Brook University, MeVis Research GmbH, University of Magdeburg, and Vital Images, Inc.

The tutorial's main page is located at the University of Magdeburg.

Tutorial Notes

Presentation slides


You need MeVisLab 1.5 or better to experiment with the examples. Some of the examples require version 1.5.2 or better. Grab your free copy of MeVisLab from the following location:

MeVisLab Download (available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux)


To run an example, start MeVisLab and load a MeVisLab network file (extension .mlab).